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Kurt Stallmann: Discovering the stories through “Sounds of Taipei”

Written by Fulbright Taiwan Tuesday, 05 August 2014 00:00
      Sounds in the city are everywhere but can be easily ignored. However, they are very dynamic and precious for sound artists. The sounds of scooters, the voices selling in the night markets, the bell in the temples, every sound has profound meanings which shape a city’s identity.     Dr. Kurt Stallmann, an artist/professor from Rice University, sponsored by Fulbright scholarship, devotes himself to breaking the boundary between sounds and music. Dr. Stallmann collects and analyzes the unique identity of Taipei’s sounds and collaborates with the Taiwan Music Institute and several Taiwanese musicians to tell stories about…


Tiffany Wey: The social life of Taiwanese streetscapes

Written by Fulbright Taiwan Monday, 20 May 2013 22:54
       Harvard graduate Tiffany Wey studied the sustainability and the reuse of streetscapes in Tainan. During her 2011-2012 Fulbright Fellowship, she observed how the people use the area called "qilou", a space in-between the street and first floor residents or stores. She found that the qilou is a semi-public space defined through cooperative mediation of the street users and building owner. In this video, she also shares challenges and interesting stories of her stay in Taiwan as an Asian American urban planning researcher.           哈佛大學畢業生魏克珊於2011-2012年獲得傅爾布萊特獎助到臺南研究建築的永續利用與再生。期間她觀察府城騎樓的功能與民眾的使用方式,發現在台灣騎樓空間的使用方式是住家或商家與公眾空間協調下的產物。她也分享了身為一位亞裔美籍都市規劃研究者在台灣所遇到的困難與趣事。  


Christopher Isett: New evidence of the great divergence

Written by Fulbright Taiwan Thursday, 28 March 2013 16:46
       Historian Christopher Isett aims to answer a big question about world development: "Why, given all of its advances, did China not arrive at the industrial revolution or modern economy and capitalism? Why did those originate in Europe?" In order to answer this question, Dr. Isett used the height records of wrongful death victims to estimate the average height of the people around 1680 to 1780 in China. The average changes of height of a population are an important index of nutrition levels and the stability of the society. Dr. Isett found that in 18th century, the average…


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