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Emily Grubb:  A Weekend in Cinsbu

Written by  Monday, 05 December 2016 14:50

      This video depicts a two-day class trip to the Atayal village of Cinsbu taken by the National Chengchi University's IMAS class on the Modernization and Socialization of Indigenous Cultures.  During this immersive trip, the class was able to learn about the different spacial planning concepts of indigenous peoples, elementary education in rural aboriginal communities, organic and subsistent farming practices, traditional weaving and land planning techniques, community efforts to protect the local area, as well as many other fascinating topics.  The first day of the trip entailed travel to the village, a meeting and tour with a village representative, picking cabbages at the local organic farm, hands-on activities learning about weaving and basket-making, dinner at the homestay, and learning about local conservation efforts and land-planning while sitting around a campfire.  The second day of the trip began with a six-hour hike through the forest to see 3000 year old trees that have been protected by the community for centuries, followed by hot pot and a parting song from one of the village elders.  All in all, it turned out to be an inspiring, unforgettable, and incredibly educational experience.

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