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       An important skill that I have adopted for living overseas in a different culture is shifting my frame of reference to accommodate new experiences or ideas.  Living in Taiwan for the last six months has certainly challenged me to do so in refreshingly unexpected ways.         Since new understandings begin with language and so much of…
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      "If they won't go on the boats, then we'll just go fishing, go far oceaning, ourselves!" says the wife of a member of my age set (kapot) at an informal gathering that she has organized to cheer up one of her "classmates," also married to our kapot. Composed of men born within five years of each other, kapot are the primary social…
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Cultural Empowerment for Atayal Students

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 14:38
       Dr. Christine Yeh developed a cultural empowerment program in a 99% indigenous Atayal community in Yilan. In this video, she describes how she worked with the community and the teachers of the school to create a curriculum. In her educational program, which she describes as a "sustainable intervention", she emphasizes ethnic identity and educational opportunities for students.…
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