Taiwanese people love their stamps. I was first alerted to this when I read on a blog that each MRT station in Taipei has its own unique rubber stamp. I went to look for them, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I bought a little booklet with blank pages and began my stamp collection. […]

Green Space in the Heart of a Bustling City

     During the 2016-2017 academic year, I am honored to have spent ten months at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Modern History while on a Fulbright grant for American graduate students (U.S. fellows).  My Taipei-based project, A Chameleonic Power: The Republic of China’s Encounter with the Decolonizing World, 1942-1971, has been a component of my […]

My Fulbright Year at Ursinus College, Pennsylvania

     It was a great privilege and honor to be selected as a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) in 2014. As I looked back on my Fulbright experience at Ursinus College four years later, I could see more clearly the many blessings that I received throughout my ten-month stay in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. It is […]

Reflections: Track in Taipei

      My Fulbright experience in Taiwan has allowed me to pursue a master’s degree in International Studies and explore different facets of student life in Taipei. One of the ways I have involved myself in the campus community at National Chengchi University has been by joining the track team. Running was a critical […]

Fulbright Mission: MA Student Living in Tainan

     September 7, 2017, marked the day I first began my journey on my Fulbright grant in Taiwan. First and foremost, I wish to give thanks to all the Fulbright Taiwan staff and those who supported me throughout my first year here. The amount of effort and consideration you all put into the program […]

Zhongshan Road

       I arrived on the “beautiful island” with my wife, originally a native of Taiwan, and five children nearly ten months ago. That arrival was not unlike many of our arrivals over the last twenty years. But, although over the years we have also experienced many departures, this departure was unlike any in […]

Fulbright 訪問學者之行:加州灣區文化體驗



拿到學位從美國回台轉眼已經二十年,這期間雖然時常來美國開會,進行短期研究,但總是來去匆匆,學校的教學行政研究壓力如影隨形,未能停下來聞聞路邊的花香。二十幾年前得到傅爾布萊特基金會的獎助,讓我能專心攻讀博士學位,一直銘感於心,此次再度獲得基金會的青睞,得到資深學者赴美研究獎助,格外覺得意義重大。二十年攸忽疾逝,我已從年輕新秀熬成資深前輩,這兩次赴美標誌著我學術生命與個人生命的不同階段,也交織著我對美國社會與文化的不同觀察,與對自己台灣社會認知的進化。 1993年我在傅爾布萊特基金會的贊助下來美國東岸攻讀博士學位,那不僅是我第一次來美國,也是我人生中第一次坐飛機離開台灣。初來美國,心情興奮而充滿好奇,儘管我的專業是英美文學,對西方文化已有一定的認知,但實際的日常生活接觸仍面臨許多衝擊,在地理、交通、金融、語言、人際關係、社交應對、上課方式、課堂生態等面向,都需在短期間適應,並迅速進入備戰狀態,那四年專心投入課業,對美國學術圈的認知多於對美國文化的品味觀察,一心只想早日完成學業,回國再執教鞭。

The 3-minute visit: Understanding Doctor-Patient Relationships in Taiwan

      I would first like to thank Fulbright Taiwan for giving me this opportunity to come to Taiwan and learn about its healthcare system. I would also like to thank my professor at Taipei Medical University, Professor Kun-Yang Chuang, for his unwavering and selfless support of both me and my project this past year. […]