About Research & Reflections

Research & Reflections is an online publication of submissions from Fulbright Taiwan grant recipients. It is a platform to share their work, results, and experiences. We hope that through Research & Reflections, we can further fulfill Fulbright Taiwan’s mission of cross-cultural understanding and knowledge-generation.

The rights of work published here remain in the hands of the respective authors. Furthermore, the viewpoints that may be presented in the pieces do not represent those of Fulbright Taiwan, the Institute of International Education, or any governmental institution. If you wish to contact the authors concerning their work, most pieces include links to further information about the authors through which you can contact them.

For more information on the grants available through Fulbright Taiwan, please see the Fulbright Taiwan website.

For other comments or feedback related to Research & Reflections, we welcome you to contact us. We hope that you enjoy this showcase from world-class Fulbright recipients.

Current Managing Editors

Nick Bowman 包尼克
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Professor, Texas Tech University
2019-2020 U.S. Scholar

Wen-Huei Chang 張雯惠
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Professor, National Pingtung University
2018-2019 Taiwan Scholar

Yu-Ping Chang 張瑜玶
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
PhD Student
2015-2016 Taiwan Student

Shih-Wei Chen 陳世威
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literature Department, National Cheng Kung University
2000-2001 Taiwan Student

Ching-Chia Chen 陳敬佳
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Lecturer, Shih Chien University
2018-2019 FLTA

Ryan DeVries 吳瑞恩
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Editor, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2012-2014 KS/TP Fulbright ETA 

Chiung-Yao “Carolyn” Ho 何瓊瑤
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Professor, Lone Star College-Cyfair, TX
2012-2013 U.S. Fulbright Scholar    

Tiffany Huang 黃子儀
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
2017-2019 TT ETA
2019-20 FSE TEFL Advisor

Yi-Feng Huang 黃一峯
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Professor, Tamkang University
2007-2008 Taiwan Scholar

Yung-Chen Hung 洪永城
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Professor, Soochow University
2000-2001 Taiwan Scholar

Tsai-Ling Liang 梁彩玲
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Scientest
2003-2004 Taiwan Scholar

Cheng-Hsiung Lu 呂正雄
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Professor, Feng Chia University
1997-1998 Taiwan Fulbright Scholar

Li-Hsin Ning 甯俐馨
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Associate Professor, National Taiwan Normal University
2009-2010 Taiwan Student

Josh Stenberg 石峻山
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney
2014-2015 U.S. Fulbright Student

Chih-Hsuan Tsao 曹芷瑄
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
2018-2019 FLTA

Chao-Hui Wei 魏肇慧
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
2018-2019 FLTA

Tsai-Jen Wu 吳采臻
Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”
2018-2019 FLTA

Previous Managing Editors

Harmony Lu 呂紹安 (co-founder) 2013-2014 Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”

Joyce Chou 周維思 2017-2018 Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”

Gina Elia 艾真 2016-2017 Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”

Elyse Mark 麥麗施 2016-2018 Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”

Barbara Reed 李柏嵐 2018 Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”

Thomas Shattuck 善學 2015-2018 Managing Editor, “Research & Reflections”

Current Staff

Randall Nadeau 那原道 Executive Director, Fulbright Taiwan

Eric Chen 陳照漢 IT & HR Manager, Fulbright Taiwan

Previous Staff

William Vocke 李沃奇 Executive Director Emeritus, Fulbright Taiwan

Intern Editor

Clementina Ferraro 費小橘 University of Mississippi

Ethan Williams 吳易森 Georgetown University