Video Journal

Colby Hyde 周海闊

Colby Hyde: Gone Shrimpin’

In the second year of his 2016-2018 Fulbright grant, Colby Hyde wrote a Master’s thesis for a degree in agricultural economics. More specifically, his thesis

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Cultural Experience
Dominique Murdock 莫小英

Brown in Taiwan: Episode 1

Like most educators who come from inner-city upbringings, Ms. Murdock is deeply passionate about creating safe spaces for developing critical thinking and learner identity, as

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Tech & Med
Kristina Chyn 秦雅倫

A Day in the Field with Kristina Chyn

Follow conservation biologist, Kristina Chyn, through Taiwan’s jungles as she conducts fieldwork for Fulbright fellowship research project. Explore different wildlife sampling methods in the day

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Public Policy
Emily Grubb 葛明麗

Emily Grubb:  A Weekend in Cinsbu

This video depicts a two-day class trip to the Atayal village of Cinsbu taken by the National Chengchi University’s IMAS class on the Modernization and

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Education & Management
Jonah Stern

A Dynamic Dialogue

    What is the best way to connect with the local people and kids? Six Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) Leah Apple, Elizabeth Matthews,

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Amber Kao 高恩倍

Amber Kao: Mirrors of Time

Mirrors of Time – Amber Kao, dancer and choreographer in collaboration with pianist and composer, Ming-Hsiu Yen premiered, Mirrors of Time, on October 18th, 2013,

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