Senior Scholar

Senior Scholar
Shun-Yung Wang 王舜永

Life in Taiwan as Cultural Ambassadors

Although Fulbright Taiwan is officially named Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, the supported activities are not only about scholarship but also cultural exchange. Doing so, I

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Senior Scholar
Gabe Tiande-Wang 汪天德

My Fulbright Program in Taiwan

I arrived in Taipei on January 31, 2021 to begin my Fulbright program in Taiwan. After three weeks of quarantine in two hotels in Taipei,

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Cultural Insights 文化洞見
Latoya Kamdang 洪麗雅

The Journey To Kucapungane

When I submitted my research proposal during the Fulbright application process, I understood that the architectural sites of the Taiwanese indigenous Rukai and Tao people

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Public Policy 公共政策
Brenton Sullivan 邵雲東

On Goodwill and Hospitality

Admiring this living room in this guesthouse in Xincheng, minutes from the gate of Taroko Gorge, I am forced to consider what a villager from, say, northeastern Tibet/Western China would do with such space!

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Arts 藝術
Sarah Haviland 賀莎拉

Becoming a Bird

I came to Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar-Teacher-Artist, and all three paths have been full of discovery. My topic is the human-bird myths that are

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Linsey Chen Marr 陳蓮式

Air Quality in Taiwan

I’m a Senior Scholar and visiting researcher who studies air pollution in the College of Public Health at National Taiwan University. My primary appointment is

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