Whitney Morris

Reflections on Taiwan

I am honored to have been included in the first Fulbright International Education Administrators Seminar in Taiwan.  I applied to this experience to enrich myself

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Education & Management 教育及管理
Rhonda Collier

IEA Seminar Taiwan: A Taste of Asia

My International Education Administrators trip to Taiwan was full of delightful surprises, including wonderful food, amazing Taiwanese people and unforgettable new colleagues from the U.S. 

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Yi-Chun Tricia Lin 林怡君

A Very Full & Bright Fulbright Journey

Overview:  With only five vibrant weeks to go before the conclusion of the spring 2018 semester in the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, College of

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Cultural Insights 文化洞見
Mei-Chun Liu 劉美均


但問起一般美國人對北卡的印象,仍舊與傳統南方、菸草與棉花緊緊連在一起。曾經是美國棉花帶(Cotton Belt)的一部分,直到1865年南北戰爭結束,北卡州內的36萬的美國黑奴才獲得自由。蓄奴制度與南方邦聯(the Confederate States of America)的歷史緊緊糾纏,直到現在跟美國的朋友談話,南方邦聯仍是一個很重要的參考點。

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Master Student (MA)
Honore Johnson 林安諾

Taiwan Becoming Home

It is not an easy task to think back to a time before Taipei was home. Over the past two years, Fulbright Taiwan and National

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Arts 藝術
Mei-Yen Lee 李美燕

「古琴藝術」登上美國大學殿堂—A blaze of Fulbright Taiwan at UCLA


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Arts 藝術
Sarah Haviland 賀莎拉

Becoming a Bird

I came to Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar-Teacher-Artist, and all three paths have been full of discovery. My topic is the human-bird myths that are

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