Arts 藝術
Mei-Yen Lee 李美燕

「古琴藝術」登上美國大學殿堂—A blaze of Fulbright Taiwan at UCLA


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Arts 藝術
Sarah Haviland 賀莎拉

Becoming a Bird

I came to Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar-Teacher-Artist, and all three paths have been full of discovery. My topic is the human-bird myths that are

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Arts 藝術
Chai-Chi Lee 李佳麒



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Arts 藝術
Yann-Ru Ho 何彥如

Afternoon at The Getty

     It was a sunny afternoon when I visited the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I took a bus to the foot of the

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Arts 藝術
Amber Kao 高恩倍

This Invitation

“It began with an invitation from the Fulbright Program to spend a year in Taiwan and now an invitation for the audience to enter into

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