fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Brittany Mayne 梅曼麗

Brittany Mayne 梅曼麗
Brittany Mayne is a Master Degree Student, studying Creative Industries Design at National Cheng Chung University in Tainan, Taiwan. Her research interest include arts and aesthetics, game addiction, gamification, experience design, and religious studies. In her free time, she loves to draw and paint illustrations using her laptop and sketchbook.

Fulbright Mission: MA Student Living in Tainan

     September 7, 2017, marked the day I first began my journey on my Fulbright grant in Taiwan. First and foremost, I wish to give thanks to all the Fulbright Taiwan staff and those who supported me throughout my first year here. The amount of effort and consideration you all put into the program created a safe and sound experience in my new host country. This unique opportunity granted me the opportunity to pursue my master’s degree and the chance to continue my studies in Mandarin Chinese. I cannot express how gratifying it has been living in Taiwan and learning from its residents and about their culture. With that said, I welcome everyone to read my journal and hope to inspire those who also wish to travel and open the world to future participants coming to Taiwan.   My Experience as a Master Student at NCKU      My first year at National Cheng Kung University: Institute of Creative Industries Design has been an enjoyable experience. At first, I was overwhelmed by this unfamiliar environment and the challenges that came with it. I had to absorb a unique educational environment, deal with new professors, and I also had to

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