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fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Chen-Chung Liu 劉晨鐘

Picture of Chen-Chung Liu 劉晨鐘
Chen-Chung Liu is a professor at the Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology, National Central University in Taiwan. His research focuses on the investigation of collaborative learning processes in both online and classroom settings. His works in this area have resulted in several prestigious learning platforms, including the socio-technical classroom – a classroom model for collaboration using mobile devices, and Story House – a Web 2.0 multimedia repository supporting creative language learning. Both platforms have been used as the design model supporting collaborative and creative learning in several schools in Taiwan.

The design and learning analytics of minimized collaborative scientific problem-solving activities considering cultural differences

Summary of work Researchers and educators consider CPS as one of the core competencies of the 21st century. However, students often fail to solve a problem as they do not coordinate with peers to reflect upon their CPS activities. To help teachers develop collaborative activities to foster CPS ability, my work in the host institute focused on two main parts: the development of collaborative science learning activities and the analysis of active learning practice, specifically the collaborative learning practice, in the new ALCs. Regarding the collaborative science learning activity, my work has implemented twenty CPS simulations for CPS learning activities, both in Chinese and English, and has established a collaboration network between multiple countries including the European Union, Spain, Thailand and Singapore. Regarding the analysis of active learning practices, the work in the host institution and my prior works were integrated to form a Pedagogy, Space, and Technology (PST) model of space and technology design in supporting collaborative learning on campus which was featured by the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology as one of the keynote speeches of The 18th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies in Bombay. Background It has been stressed by social constructivists that in-depth learning occurs

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