fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Chiung-Tao Shen 沈瓊桃

Chiung-Tao Shen 沈瓊桃
April Chiung-Tao Shen, Ph.D., is a Fulbright Scholar (Senior Research Award in 2014-15). She is a professor in the Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University. She received her M.S.W. in 1992 from the University of Michigan (in Ann Arbor), and Ph.D. in 1999 from the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include intimate partner violence, child maltreatment, children exposed to IPV, and family relationships. Professor Shen has published many journal articles in prestigious journals (such as Child Abuse and Neglect, Journal of Interpersonal Violence) and has received outstanding research awards from NTU on many occasions. She was also elected as the Editor-in-Chief of NTU Social Work Review. She is currently conducting several innovative inter-disciplinary research projects on the national level (e.g., The Establishment of a Longitudinal Database of Child Maltreatment in Taiwan).

My Fulbright Experience at Eleanor Roosevelt College at the University of California, San Diego

    I was very pleased and honored to receive the prestigious research grant as a Fulbright Senior Scholar in 2014. It represents a wonderful opportunity to obtain new knowledge in the field of child protection in the United States. My research grant will let me help children in need in Taiwan after I finish my research project. This paper contains reflections on my stay in the US as a Fulbright Senior Scholar over the past 6 months.   Research Experiences      I am very grateful that Professor Richard Madisen, the acting provost of the Eleanor Roosevelt College at the University of California, San Diego, hosted me during my grant.  Professor Madisen actually graduated from my home institution, National Taiwan University (NTU), as well. He can speak fluent Chinese and has translated several books from Chinese to English. I was surprised and pleased to know that he has close connections with Taiwan. He is also the Director of the UC Fudan Center, which has hosted a variety of seminars featuring speakers from top universities/institutes from all over the world, and I have been very fortunate to attend some of these seminars. It was a great learning experience for me.  

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Research & Reflections

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