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Author: Colby Hyde 周海闊

Picture of Colby Hyde 周海闊
Colby Hyde graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2016 with dual degrees in environmental science and Chinese. With a 2016-2018 Fulbright grant, Colby earned a Master's degree in agricultural economics at National Taiwan University. His graduate thesis was directed towards the co-management of a common-pool resource, specifically inspired by self-governing shrimp fishermen in Donggang [Tungkang], Taiwan.

Colby Hyde: Gone Shrimpin’

In the second year of his 2016-2018 Fulbright grant, Colby Hyde wrote a Master’s thesis for a degree in agricultural economics. More specifically, his thesis explored co-management of a common-pool resource. In order to better understand co-management, Colby, his professor Yu-hui Chen (陳郁蕙), and two other graduate students from National Taiwan University went to Donggang, Taiwan to meet an organization of self-governing Sakura shrimp fishermen. He was able to meet with the current chairman of the co-management organization, Chun-chao Chen (陳春潮), to discuss its history and challenges. After meeting with Chairman Chen, Colby witnessed firsthand the daily auction of Sakura shrimp. Both buyers and sellers of Sakura shrimp participate in the co-management organization, ensuring all involved parties do their part to maintain a sustainable resource.

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