fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Dao-kwei Wu 吳道揆

Dao-kwei Wu 吳道揆

Twenty-five States and Seventy-two Community Colleges in 7 Months!

    “I HAVE LOTS OF MONEY!” It was the second time that I said this to the saleslady at Vitamin World. I had never said this before in my entire life. I had to say it because she insisted on paying for the vitamins I selected, and she wanted to give me cash for dinner after she found out that my credit card was over the limit (and I am a foreigner travelling in her country). Also, at a famous BBQ restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, a waitress offered me 16 different side dishes for free after I curiously asked about them. She said that she knew that I was a foreigner travelling in her country and that she was happy to let me enjoy the great taste of all of the different sides. I encountered many of these types of people during my Fulbright research trip from Sept. 2015 to April 2016. Their kindness, their considerateness, their hospitality, and their supportiveness made me feel that many Americans are angels! And personally, I consider myself a lifetime friend of Americans!        On this trip to 25 states and 72 community colleges, I have found out that many of

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