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Hong Jiang: Nature, Culture, and Geography

Dr. Hong Jiang is an Associate Professor of Geography and Environment from University of Hawaii at Manoa, and her Fulbright project is on Cultural Geography of Tea in Taiwan. While her Fulbright post at National Taiwan University is lectureship, she has been able to use the opportunity to build research collaborations on the study of tea in Taiwan, and has gained much in combining teaching and research. Hong Jiang teaches in the area of cultural geography, and has been doing research on tea and culture in imperial China and contemporary Taiwan.

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Bryce Christensen: Bringing the Xing Moment to Cross-cultural Literary Study

Dr. Christensen taught at National Taiwan University for 2019-20 as a visiting Fulbright professor. He had two classes, respectively on Willa Cather and Mark Twain, in which he found students in different cultures interpreted literature in different but meaningful ways.

Dr. Bryce Christensen, professor of English at Southern Utah University, received his Ph. D. in English literature from Marquette University. His current research focuses on the relationship between science and poetry, on non-Western literature (especially classical Chinese literature), and on utopian literature.

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Brian Bruya: Cross-Cultural Philosophy in the Classroom

Dr. Brian Bruya won his second Fulbright Scholarship to Taiwan in 2019-2020. His project is titled ” Cross-cultural Philosophy in the classroom.” Due to the diversified backgrounds of the students, Dr. Bruya’s class at NTU became an ideal setting to teach comparative philosophy.

Dr. Brian Bruya, is a professor of philosophy at Eastern Michigan University, and an author of books and articles in the fields of comparative philosophy, cognitive science, and educational psychology. He is also a translator and has published translations of a number of popular comic books on Chinese philosophy, which have been featured in the New York Times.

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Carl Minzner: Who Are We? Evolution of Immigration Policy in Taiwan and Mainland China

Professor Carl Minzner is a Fulbright Cross-Strait Scholar during 2019-2020. He came to Taiwan to conduct research on demographic change, particularly on population aging and policy in Asia. Professor Minzner is an expert in Chinese law and governance, and a law professor at Fordham University. He is the author of “End of an Era: How China’s Authoritarian Revival is Undermining Its Rise“, exploring China’s transition away from the three-decades-long reform era characterized by political stability, ideological openness, and rapid economic growth. Prof. Minzner holds a B.A. from Stanford University, a M.I.A. from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a J.D. from Columbia Law School.

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章琍吟X郎祖明 藝術管理與國際行銷的困境與突破 (歸國版)

章琍吟(2019-2020臺美藝文專業人才交流獎助計畫獲獎人)完成8個月的交換歸國(文化部提供3個月的獎助經費,但學術交流基金會可視獲獎人需求提供最多12個月的簽證資格和保險費用),期間她於紐約法拉盛文藝中心的華人社區推廣部門,負責行銷宣傳、展覽策劃等工作。透過傅爾布萊特獎助金的支持,在當地品牌經營、通路開發的見聞對她而言深具啟發性。紐約的表演藝術機構多透過募款維持營運,藉由此次交換,琍吟將她的觀察與經驗帶回臺灣,期為國內的表演藝術團隊帶來更多行銷與營運的發展空間。 章琍吟,畢業於臺南大學戲劇創作與應用學系碩士班。從事文化行政工作10餘年,現為非玩不可創意文化有限公司/春河劇團專案經理,曾任職公部門文化中心、私人劇團與學校單位。2017-2018年執行製作客家電視台《幕後有藝思》該節目獲得第53屆金鐘獎人文紀實節目主持人獎。 

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Lay Kou: Integrating Best Practices in Taiwanese Culture of Learning Into the American Pedagogy

This video traces the journey of an elementary school teacher who chose, as part of her Fulbright project, to study teaching best practices in Taiwan and explore the rich cultural traditions of the Taiwanese people. Lay Kou is a dual language immersion teacher in Utah. Prior to receiving the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching, she was awarded Teacher of the Month thrice, KSL News Radio & Zions Bank Teacher Feature, and District Outstanding Educator of the Year. Her Fulbright project focused on Taiwanese culture and teaching best practices.

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Natalie Sun: Assessing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Wild Taiwanese Carnivores

Natalie Sun conducted research on the effects of heavy metal pollution on wild Taiwanese carnivores, in collaboration with the National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital. YangMingShan National Park, where Natalie’s research mostly took place, offers a wide range of rare species to work on. Natalie aimed to replace blood samples with hair samples to study the heavy metal concentrations in several sites. Through this less invasive method of sampling, it reaches a balance between studying environment and protecting animals. Natalie Sun hails from Northern California and received her undergraduate degree from Amherst College. She discovered her passion for veterinary medicine after researching wild tree swallows and hoped to continue her exploration of this interdisciplinary field through her Fulbright research. Natalie is excited to share and apply her new experiences when she attends UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Timothy Clifford: Prayers and Local Environmental Crises in Early Modern China

Dr. Timothy Clifford’s project focuses on environmental prayers authored by local government officials in sixteenth and seventeenth-century China and what these prayers can tell us about state management of environmental crises. He applied the database on ancient Chinese literature along with local gazetteer to examine the environmental history of early modern China.

Dr. Timothy Clifford is a lecturer at Bryn Mawr College in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. He received his Ph.D. on East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a 2018-2019 Fulbright scholar and visiting researcher at Academia Sinica in the Institute of History and Philology.

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Latoya Kamdang: Spatial Explorations of Indigenous Architecture and Urban Settlements in Taiwan

Professor Latoya Kamdang’s Fulbright project researched two indigenous architecture sites and two urban informal settlement sites in Taiwan, including one World Monument Fund selected site – Kucapungane. Prof. Kamdang also co-taught with her host Professor Shu-Mei Huang at National Taiwan University and provided insights on preservation and conservation. During her grant, Prof. Kamdang also traveled to South Korea and Hong Kong to expand her international connections in the East Asia Pacific region.

Latoya Nelson Kamdang is a U.S. Fulbright Senior Scholar in Taiwan. Her host institution is the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning at the National Taiwan University. She is a Registered Architect, Certified Interior Designer, and LEED Accredited Professional. Her experience spans architecture, planning, exhibit design, industrial design, and interior design. Latoya has developed her career in practice while maintaining a connection to academic research and teaching at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

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Chih-Chin Chou: Social Support for Indigenous People with Disability and Chronic Illness in Taiwan

Dr. Chih-Chin Chou came back to Taiwan with a specialty on Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling after she departed 25 years ago. She aimed to research the population that she is most passionate about – indigenous people. She found the majority of research in the field is either on indigenous people or people with disability but lack of ones that covered both. By face-to-face interactions and knowledge sharing, she gained people’s trust and built connects locally.

Dr. Chou is the Program Director for the Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling Program at the University of South Florida. Her research interests include psychiatric rehabilitation, research methodology, social support, vocational outcomes for people with disabilities, rehabilitation education, international rehabilitation, and positive psychology. She has published over 25 articles in peer-reviewed journals and eight book chapters. Dr. Chou has received numerous grants including three current training grants totaling almost $2.5 million.

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