fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Hong Jiang 姜鴻

Hong Jiang 姜鴻
Hong Jiang is an Associate Professor of Geography and Environment from University of Hawaii at Manoa, and her Fulbright project is on Cultural Geography of Tea in Taiwan. While her Fulbright post at National Taiwan University is lectureship, she has been able to use the opportunity to build research collaborations on the study of tea in Taiwan, and has gained much in combining teaching and research. Hong Jiang teaches in the area of cultural geography, and has been doing research on tea and culture in imperial China and contemporary Taiwan.

Taiwan: A Wonderland of Tea

It took me more than a year plus three weeks to start my Fulbright program in Taiwan, so I was determined to utilize all the opportunities during my stay there. The pandemic delayed my travel by over a year, and of course I had to go through three weeks of quarantine in Taiwan. My teaching and research are related to tea and culture, and Taiwan turns out to be a tea paradise!   While I have studied tea and culture in China’s Tang through Ming dynasties, I came to Taiwan with no experience in tea making, and only rough ideas about Taiwan’s tea tree species, the variety of teas, and the art of tea. Now having completed my program in Taiwan, I feel so enriched in my knowledge and experience of tea. I followed tea masters to make teas three times, which means, in addition to learning about the process of tea making, I stayed up till 4 or 5 am to follow critical tea-processing steps. I have learned so much about varieties of tea plants, kinds of teas, and the art of tea in Taiwan.  My trips to Alishan initiated my wandering in the land of tea, learning about and

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