fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Mei-Yen Lee 李美燕

Mei-Yen Lee 李美燕
Mei-Yen Lee, a Professor at National Pingtung University in Taiwan. Her main research interest lies in the field of Chinese musical aesthetics. Her publications include Ch’in-Tao: Robert Hans van Gulik and the Chinese Lute. (in Hong Kong, 2018), Ch’in-Tao (Translated from The Lore of the Chinese Lute: An Essay in the Ideology of the Ch’in, in Taiwan, 2015), The Philosophy and Aesthetics of Guqin Music (in China, 2002), The Introduction of Musicology (Translated from the New Grove Dictionary, in Taiwan, 2000), The Ancient Chinese thoughts of Musical Cultural cultivation (in Taiwan, 1998), and more than 150 academic papers.

「古琴藝術」登上美國大學殿堂—A blaze of Fulbright Taiwan at UCLA


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