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fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Rose Doerfler 杜玫瑰

Rose Doerfler 杜玫瑰
Rose Doerfler studied chemical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, focusing on tools for biomolecule detection. She spent the year working on a collaborative project with researchers at Yuan Ze University, building microfluidic devices to detect DNA sequences associated with genetically modified food crops.

Bilingualism in Science and Engineering Education in Taiwan

The Basic Question      As an American scientist in Taiwan, what language should I speak?      I am a US-educated chemical engineer who has spent a year collaborating with engineering professors and students at Yuan Ze University in Taoyuan, Taiwan. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language, and had previously studied in Taiwan and China, but my language classes were all non-technical; before arriving in Taiwan, I knew how to talk about current events, but not how to talk about organic chemistry. I wasn’t sure how much of the technical vocabulary I’d be using for my project would be in Mandarin. Before arriving in Taiwan, I tried to study some scientific vocabulary. Though I learned some words that were relevant to my project, I was surprised to find that there were fewer resources available for learning scientific vocabulary than for learning economic or business terms. I worried that I was missing something important: surely there were other scientists who wanted to learn Chinese words so that they could work internationally?      Once I arrived in Taiwan and began working with the Taiwanese students, I paid attention to how they spoke. I started to find the answer

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