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fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Whei-Li Lu 盧惠莉

Picture of Whei-Li Lu 盧惠莉
Dr. Whei-Li Lu is the Chair and Director of Department of Tourism Management in Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. She mainly teaches course related to the airline industry such as airline passenger marketing and airline reservation system as she worked for the airlines in the US and Taiwan for ten years.

The Winery Cluster in Pocono area of Pennsylvania – Analysis of Porter Cluster Theory with Kano Model

Dr. Whei-Li, Lu, Associate Professor, Chinese Culture University Dr. Stanley Chian, Professor, East Stroudsburg University  Dr. Fredrick Meitner, Assistant Professor, East Stroudsburg University  ABSTRACT The wine industry growing and contains a mix of global and small local winery producers; due to the demand for wine and high-profit return among agriculture products, the winery industry experiences competition and expansion within different tourism destinations. Additionally, the Pocono Mountain Region has developed a unique market niche in the last decade and contributes significantly to the region’s economy. However, the winery cluster in our region is not clear due to its early stage of development. Wineries try to reach out to local wine and tourism associations and government sectors. All these tasks are in progress and need to be identified for management. The current research aims to understand the early stage of the winery cluster by utilizing Porter’s clusters theory, as it has been widely used in empirical research following idiosyncratic results in explaining the winery cluster phenomenon. Kano’s model will be used to assess the attributes of Porter’s cluster theory, such as winery satisfaction, resource needs, and the importance of local government support, and community support which will help in resource allocation. The

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