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fulbright Taiwan online journal


Human-Bird Sculpture in Taiwan: Cross-Cultural & Environmental Potential

Professor Sarah Haviland came to Taiwan in 2018 to look for human-bird images that cross culture and time. In her teaching at the Taipei National University of the Arts, she aimed to foster creative thinking in students and led them through a process that she goes through when designing sculptures. As for her research progress, she found rich connections between humans and birds in the society, which she explored through sketches and studies. Sarah hopes, by sharing these practices, that people will consider their own relationship with the environment and nature.

Sarah Haviland’s abstract-figurative sculptures and installations have been exhibited in NYC, nationally, and internationally in museums, nonprofit galleries, and private collections. Haviland earned an MFA from Hunter College and a BA from Yale University. She lectures independently and teaches at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York.

Find more at: www.becomingabird.com and www.sarahhaviland.com

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Joshua Stenberg: Taiwanese Minnan Glove Puppet Theater in Regional Perspective

This video takes a sociopolitical approach to analyze three recent Taiwanese dramatizations (puppet theatre, Western opera and gezaixi) of the life of 19th Century Presbyterian missionary George Leslie Mackay.

Joshua Stenberg is a doctoral candidate in Chinese theatre at Nanjing University. His research focuses on traditional Chinese theatre forms (xiqu) in transnational and intercultural contexts.

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