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fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Cara Flores 花悅愛

Cara Flores 花悅愛
Cara Flores (she/they) is an interdisciplinary designer whose work focuses on migration, transnational identity, and postcolonial futures. She received her BA from Smith College in Sociology and Arts and completed her Fulbright Fellowship at National Cheng Kung University where she received a Masters in Creative Industry Design. During her Fulbright Fellowship she researched Overseas Filipino Worker communities' sense of place in Taiwan as well as placemaking strategies for migrant worker communities.

A Designer’s Guide to Living Leisurely in Tainan: Where to Eat Designer

I know as much as you want to hear about my work as a service designer, a sociologist, and avid observer and connoisseur of cities, you also know I live in Tainan and you want my list of where to eat. I get it, I’ll receive your eventual LINE message asking me to send you my google map recommendations, but let me take this opportunity to give you something more than google reviews can provide; the story behind every recommendation.  It’s no secret Tainan is known for its food, as every guide book on Taiwan will make sure to mention its famous reputation, and the distinctly sweet taste of its dishes. The food has wowed me to the point that trips longer than two days out of Tainan have me sorely missing the wide array of local tea shops and sesame noodles. However, Tainan is rich not only in flavor but in company, and this is my personal reflection on where to eat and go, compiled not from a guide book, but from memories of living leisurely in Tainan, and from a patchwork of experiences with my friends, the city, and of course–the sharing of food. My classmate Daniela and

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