fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Natalie Sun 孫維慈

Natalie Sun 孫維慈
Natalie Sun 孫維慈 recently graduated from Amherst College with a bachelors degree in biology. She later spent the 2018-19 academic year at National Taiwan University researching heavy metal concentrations in wild Taiwanese carnivores.

Hyphenation: Maneuvering Hybrid Cultural Identities

 “中白鷺的腳腳和嘴巴是黃的. 大白鷺有黑色腳腳, 黃色的嘴巴.” Intermediate egrets’ feet and mouths are yellow. Large egrets have black feet, yellow mouths. 白熊 patiently explained the differences between the large and intermediate egret to me for the umpteenth time. 白熊, which translates directly to polar bear, earned this nickname due to his height and paleness. To this day, I am still not sure what his actual name is. He hurriedly pointed out the window as the van drove past an egret wading in rice paddies. “你看.中白鷺.”  Look. Intermediate egret.  “ 那小白鷺呢?” I asked, “我已經忘了.”  How about small egrets?… I already forgot. “黑嘴巴,黑腳.”  Black mouth, black feet.  I tried to commit this information to memory, but after a minute I turned my head and gave him a blank stare.  “算了, 我每一次看到一隻鷺就問你吧.” Whatever, I’ll just ask you every time we see an egret. He chortled in response. “喂, 你別像這樣啦! 你努力一點吧."The van lurched to a stop, throwing me and 白熊 against our safety belts. We eyed each other before looking outside. “喔,我們快到了.” Hey don’t be like that! Put some effort into it… Oh, we’re almost there. The van slowly turned and pulled up the dirt path to the dairy farm we were getting blood samples from, rocking side

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