fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Winston Lie 賴思騰

Picture of Winston Lie 賴思騰
Winston Lie is a 2020-2022 U.S.-Taiwan Fulbright Scholar where he studied for a Master of Science in Global Health at National Taiwan University. Before coming to Taiwan, Winston was an undergraduate at Princeton University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. Currently, Winston is a medical student at Harvard Medical School.

An Unforgettable Adventure in Taiwan

Looking back on this past year, I couldn’t have imagined how incredible my Fulbright experience in Taiwan would be. For most of my life, I lived in Boise, Idaho, a modest-sized city in the Mountain Northwest. I knew, however, that after graduating from college I needed to explore more of the world: to learn about different cultures and people. Growing up I was always passionate about the idea of using science to contribute back to my community and to use it as a tool to advance change. It’s for this reason I studied molecular biology all throughout college and planned to pursue medicine as a career. However, as I progressed with my undergraduate studies, I became more and more fascinated in the intersection between science, policy, and service work. After discussing with my college fellowship adviser my desire to travel abroad and expand on my education interests, he recommended that I look into the Fulbright Scholarship, and specifically into the grants in Taiwan. When I stumbled upon the master’s program in global health at National Taiwan University, I realized I found the perfect opportunity.    Educational Experiences in Taiwan:    Since coming to Taiwan to start my graduate studies, I

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Research & Reflections

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