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fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Xia Shi 施霞

Picture of Xia Shi 施霞
Dr. Xia Shi is an Associate Professor of History and International and Area Studies at the New College of Florida. Dr. Shi received our 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program award to carry out further research at the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Her research topic here was “The Gendered Politics of Socializing and the Emergence of the “Public Wife” in Late Qing Diplomacy.” Dr. Shi’s research explores the intersections of gender history and diplomatic history through examining the gendered politics of socializing in Chinese diplomacy since studies of late Qing diplomatic history and its international relations still lack a gendered perspective 施霞博士,現為佛羅里達新學院歷史、國際關係與區域研究系所之副教授。施教授此次透過2021-2022年傅爾布萊特學者獎助,來臺至中研院近代史所從事相關研究。施教授於此的研究主題為「晚清外交中的社交性別政治與『公眾夫人』的出現」-目前晚清外交和國際關系史的研究仍然缺乏一個性別視角,於是以性別的觀點探討外交界社交的性別政治視角來探索晚清性別史與外交史的交集。

Taipei Quarantine Temple

This is my first-time visiting Taiwan. I arrived in Taipei on December 12, 2021. Everything started with a 22-day quarantine. Actually, it was not bad. I was very lucky to have got a hotel room with a window. Not only that, but there is a temple (Jingfu gong) right in front of the window as my view. I was so excited for I have long been interested in Taiwan’s religious culture. I took pictures and sent them to my friends in the US. Everybody thought it was so beautiful. Moreover, I didn’t need to make decisions on what to eat for each meal and did not have to cook at all. I got to try various biandang (bento box) the hotel provided. I took pictures of each. When I encountered some food that I have never had, I sent pictures to my Taiwanese friends to ask and often ended up having some interesting conversations with them (about family, memory, nostalgia, etc.). I guess that’s what food can do and part of the reason why I have been interested in food history and culture. In addition, it was a delight that I could directly communicate on the LINE app with the

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