fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Author: Yi-Chun Tricia Lin 林怡君

Yi-Chun Tricia Lin 林怡君
A 17th-generation daughter of Taiwan, Yi-Chun Tricia Lin is Professor and Director of Women's & Gender Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. She is former President of National Women's Studies Association, 2012-2014. Her Fulbright work, titled Indigenous studies, gender studies, and feminism, is part and parcel of her book project on transnational Indigenous feminism.

A Very Full & Bright Fulbright Journey

Overview:  With only five vibrant weeks to go before the conclusion of the spring 2018 semester in the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, College of Indigenous Studies, at National Dong Hwa University (NDHU), I find it a bit hard to sum up this extraordinary and rich semester. Part of it is due to my reluctance to put myself in a farewell mode. The experience could be described as living my dream, to quote my dear fellow Fulbrighter Lillygol Sedaghat! What a dream this has been, fusing my many worlds seamlessly: Taiwan and the U.S.; academic and personal; scholarly and activist. All the while, I have served to the best of my capacity as a cultural ambassador. When I applied for a Fulbright 22 months ago and envisioned what this award would mean to me, the experience has stayed true and close to what it is intended to be: to contribute greatly to the intellectual and curricular vigor of the College for Indigenous Studies and NDHU. By teaching courses that offer cutting-edge scholarship intersecting Indigenous studies, gender studies, and women’s studies, I add vibrancy to the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, College of Indigenous Studies, and NDHU.  Fulbright Semester as

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Research & Reflections

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