fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Erich Hester: Effect of Floodplain Inundation on River Pollution in Taiwan

During his Fulbright year Dr. Erich Hester cooperated with his host, Angela Lin and discovered opening up the floodplain can be effective to help break down medical chemicals in the river. Integrating floodplain management into the existing infrastructures can potentially improve the efficiency of the water treatment system. Dr. Hester also encourages scholars and students in the environmental engineering field to explore exchange opportunities.

Dr. Erich Hester, associate professor at Virginia Tech, specializes in environmental and water resources engineering. He and his group, “Hester Environmental Hydraulics Research Group”, focuses on how hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology interact to influence ecological health and water quality in stream, river, wetland, and groundwater systems.


Research & Reflections

fulbright taiwan online journal