fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Tricia Lin: Indigenous Studies, Gender Studies, and Feminism

Inspired by the scholarly exchange and production of the indigenous knowledge in National Dong Hwa University, Tricia Lin spent her Fulbright year in the beautiful part of Taiwan, Hualien. She offered a course in postcolonial feminism and held several speeches on related issues. Not only did the given lectures caused large effects on the students and audiences, they also enriched her own teaching and writing. As a cross-cultural scholar, she saw that exchange of culture happens everywhere she went.

A 17th-generation daughter of Taiwan, Yi-Chun Tricia Lin is Professor and Director of Women’s Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. She is former President of National Women’s Studies Association, 2012-2014. Her Fulbright work, titled Indigenous studies, gender studies, and feminism, is part and parcel of her book project on transnational Indigenous feminism.


Research & Reflections

fulbright taiwan online journal