fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Andrew Paulsen: Implementing Eastern Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Math in Urban High Schools

Paulsen received Fulbright ‘Distinguished Awards in Teaching’ Scholar to research eastern mathematics pedagogy. Conducting most of his research on hundreds of classroom observations throughout Taiwan. Including Taiwanese teaching techniques, education policy, and culture, and offered recommendations on how to implement these ideas in urban schools throughout the United States.

Andrew Paulsen is currently the Lead Math Teacher and an Instruction Coach at East Side High School, the largest comprehensive high school in Newark, New Jersey. Originally from Levittown, New York, Andrew received his B.A. from Marist College, his Master is in educational leadership, management, & policy from Seton Hall University, and his Ed.M. in public school leadership from Columbia University’s Teachers College.



Research & Reflections

fulbright taiwan online journal