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fulbright Taiwan online journal

Eugene “John” Gregory: The Militarization of Law in Eighteenth Century Qing China (1644-1912):the Case of Deserting Soldiers

Over the course of the eighteenth century in Qing China, increasing categories of criminal cases began to be processed within a militarized judicial track emphasizing speed, simplicity, and finality. This represented a significant structural change to China’s judicial system and is well illustrated by criminal desertion cases.

    John Gregory, Ph.D. Candidate, Chinese history, Georgetown University. John graduated from West Point in 1995 and has a JD degree from the University of Florida (2001). He served as a judge advocate in the US Army from 2001-2011 with two tours in Iraq. He is married to Mrs. Yali Gregory, and they have five children. Beginning this summer, he will serve as an Academy Professor at West Point.





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