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Eugene “John” Gregory: The Militarization of Law in Eighteenth Century Qing China (1644-1912):the Case of Deserting Soldiers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJTrPg8R1cs Over the course of the eighteenth century in Qing China, increasing categories of criminal cases began to be processed within a militarized judicial track emphasizing speed, simplicity, and finality. This represented a significant structural change to China’s judicial system and is well illustrated by criminal desertion cases.     John Gregory, Ph.D. Candidate, Chinese history, Georgetown University. John graduated from West Point in 1995 and has a JD degree from the University of Florida (2001). He served as a judge advocate in the US Army from 2001-2011 with two tours in Iraq. He is married to Mrs. Yali Gregory, and they have five children. Beginning this summer, he will serve as an Academy Professor at West Point. 十八世紀中國清朝(1644年至1912年)的法律軍事化:以逃兵為例     十八世紀的清代中國,越來越多種類的刑事案件開始採用一個軍事化的審判制度來處理,強調迅速、簡明、決斷。因此透過刑事案件可以發現中國的司法審判制度呈現了一個顯著的結構性改變。     葛約翰是美國喬治城大學晚期帝制中國史研究所的博士候選人。他於1995年畢業於美國西點軍校,並於2001年獲得佛羅里達大學法學博士學位。在2001年至2011年期間,其擔任美國陸軍的軍事法官且任內有兩次調派至伊拉克。他和邱雅莉女士結婚有五個小孩。今年夏天開始,他將任教於美國西點軍校。

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