With Just One Action - Learning Chinese through the arts

Written by Teagan Adamson 艾婷安 Friday, 05 September 2014 10:51
       Coming to Taiwan, I knew that not only would I be able to conduct advanced cancer therapy research, but also I would have many opportunities to improve my Chinese. I didn’t realize how hard performing both of these tasks simultaneously was going to be. During my graduate studies, I took a break from studying Chinese so it was a little rusty upon my arrival, and I was relatively shy when prompted to speak. After a few weeks…

Cross Cultural Collaboration: Lessons Learned

Written by Sarah DeMola 慕莎拉 & Hsing-Hui Winnie Winnie Chiu 邱馨慧 Friday, 05 September 2014 07:21
       The role of the Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) advisor is multifaceted. When people ask what we do, we explain the job responsibilities as facilitating TEFL teaching workshops, observing classes and holding post observation conferences, responding to weekly English Teaching Assistant (ETA) reports, and conducting research. However, we discovered that the key to fulfill all of these duties is our ability to communicate with one another. Throughout the past five months of working together,…

Taiwan: An Ideal Place to Conduct Research on the Qing Dynasty

Written by John Gregory, Ph.D. Candidate, Georgetown University Friday, 05 September 2014 07:12
       As a PhD candidate in late imperial Chinese history, already four months into a ten-month Fulbright grant period in Taiwan, I have two goals for this brief essay. First, I want to set forth the reasons why Fulbright Taiwan has provided an ideal environment for my research. Second, I want to suggest that Taiwan is an excellent place to do in-country research on the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). Given the vast trove of archives now open to scholars…

On the Road with Xuanzang

Written by Benjamin Brose 本博澤 Sunday, 13 April 2014 16:36
       The story I want to tell has a clear beginning but no clear end. It starts like this: On December 23, 1942,Takamori Takasuke, the commanding officer of Japanese soldiers stationed in Nanjing, was overseeing the construction of an Inari Shinto shrine just outside of the city’s southern gate. While excavating the shrine’s foundation, his men discovered the crypt of an old Buddhist pagoda. Inside a stone sarcophagus they found two nested boxes, the outer of bronze, the…

My Neighborhood Park

Written by Kimberly Wilson 金貝利 Sunday, 13 April 2014 16:11
       There is a small park near my apartment in Taipei where I like to go running.  The park has a track, so most nights there are a fair number of people running or walking their dogs. The park is something I’ve always loved about my neighborhood.   I see the same people and dogs frequently, and it’s nice to feel like part of the community. One recent night, I was walking home from dinner with a friend. For…

Fragments from a Taiwan Notebook

Written by Robert Siegel 席博安 Sunday, 13 April 2014 15:12
  The flight to Taipei was a 13 hour-long tunnel through about a million movies, and Taipei was a glimmer of signs in the dark. We've woken up in a gorgeous hotel room. Outside the window it's Times Square but with palm trees. Next, we drive south to Taichung. Maia: "I could get used to Taiwanese hospitality."   We're in Taichung, in a house on campus, and it's a little bit like living in Jungle Book. There are geckos walking…

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