Month: September 2013

Christine Yeh: Cultural Empowerment for Atayal Students

    Dr. Christine Yeh entered a 99 percent Indigenous community in Yilan, Taiwan to develop cultural Empowerment program. She focused on the community-school base in her curriculum development and assessment and she identified a niche emphasizing ethnic identity and educational opportunity. Dr. Yeh worked closely with Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA), Mikael Owunna, and a local English teacher, Jennifer Huang, to establish this curriculum about cultural empowerment. The exciting results and student work will be displayed in a 2014 exhibition in the National Taiwan Museum. 台灣泰雅學童的文化賦權     葉晶博士深入宜蘭縣南澳鄉協助泰雅族部落開發文化賦權課程。她的研究主要圍繞著以社區和學校為基礎的課程建構與評鑑,尤其著重在族群認同及教育機會等。她與宜蘭英語協同教師Mikael Owunna及本地英語教師黃嘉雯共同開發了一系列的文化賦權課程,並預計於2014年於國立臺灣博物館展出相關成果。

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Charles Hartman: Searching for secrets: Song historical sources in Ming rare books

     An open and well-equipped Chinese study environment has been one of Taiwan’s important cultural assets. The complete collection of rare books in the Center for Chinese Studies in National Central Library is the reason for Dr. Charles Hartman to come all the way from New York to Taiwan. Easy access of digital archives also has been a great aid to his research. During Dr. Hartman’s Fulbright grant, he found hidden story of the Song Dynasty history, which may lead to a new narrative of the Song history.      完善與開放的漢學研究環境一直都是台灣引以為傲的文化資產,蔡涵墨教授遠從紐約來到國家圖書館的漢學研究中心,就是要藉重此處完整的漢學罕見文獻館藏和便利的數位系統來探究宋代歷史中一頁可能被隱藏起來的秘密。在傅爾布萊特獎學金資助下,蔡涵墨教授發現了明朝罕見文獻中一段關於宋代道統的紀錄,他的研究成果將有可能改變我們對於宋代歷史的觀點。

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