Month: September 2016

Candace Chou: Implementing Digital Equity Initiatives in Remote Areas in Taiwan

Dr. Candace Chou’s Fulbright project is about the promotion of educational equity in Taiwan. She focus on the promises, challenges, and long-term impacts of the former e-tutees who joined the MOE’s E-tutor program. Dr. Candace Chou is an associate professor of learning technologies at the School of Education at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. She teaches courses on instructional design, online/blended/mobile learning, use of technology for instruction, and research methods. Her research interests include online interaction, learning environment design, and digital equity.

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Marcia Lei Zeng: Applying Semantic Web Technologies to Digital Humanities

Dr. Zeng created a prototype platform which can encode structured data and transfer online bios for search engines access. The platform re-used resources of the Center for Digital Culture in Academia Sinica to allow renowned Taiwanese artists to be better known by the English speaking world.Marcia Lei Zeng is a Professor of Library and Information Science at Kent State University where she was named a University Outstanding Scholar and Researcher in 2014. She received several Federal research grants, authored 90+ research papers and five books, and gave 200+ conference presentations worldwide, including keynote speeches and invited lectures.

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Evelyn Siu: The 3-minute visit: Understanding Doctor-Patient Relationships in Taiwan

Evelyn Siu’s Fulbright project is working to understand the current state of doctor-patient relationships through observational studies of medical encounters and also interviews of doctors and patients. Evelyn Siu graduated from Princeton University with a major in Molecular Biology and certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. As a Fulbright Fellow at Taipei Medical University, she is studying doctor-patient relationships in Taiwan.

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Nathaniel Maynard: Hacking conservation with online surveys

Taiwan has tremendous marine biodiversity but there are more can be done at policy level. In this video Nathaniel Maynard (Nate) will describe new economic analysis methods that can lead to better conservation and sustained public support. With a background spanning the social and physical sciences, Nate focuses on applied research for holistic ecosystem conservation. He has worked with governments, non-profits, and the private sector on 3 continents with a focus on the pacific rim.

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