Month: July 2014

Amber Kao: Dance to strengthen my roots

     Through dancing, Amber Kao tackles the ethnicity and identity issue she deals with every day. Dance brought her to her parent’s homeland and she has learned a whole new choreographic language with the master Lin Hwai-min and the Cloud Gate Theatre Dance Company. As a Fulbright fellow, Amber has also actively participated in performances around Taiwan sharing her passion for arts with the elementary students.     透過舞蹈,高恩倍致力於詮釋她常需面對的種族身分議題。也是經由舞蹈,她重新踏上台灣的土地,向林懷民老師與雲門舞集一同學習全新的語言。身為傅爾布萊特青年學人,在練舞、表演之餘,高恩倍也積極前往中小學演出,將她對藝術的熱情與台灣學生分享。

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Barbara Foster: Printmaking in the age of digital everything    With the rapid evolution of digital technology, digital printing has become an indispensable commercial and artistic tool. However, due to the popularity and low-cost of the printing tools, will the art and artists of printmaking become extinct? Can the print-making art mingle with the other forms of contemporary arts to create a new medium? Barbara Foster, a professor from the San Francisco State University guides fine art students at the National Taiwan Normal University to break boundaries and explore this interdisciplinary realm. 融合古代和當代科技跨越一直的空間:共同來場藝術印刷的探索冒險     在數位科技的蓬勃發展的今日,數位印刷已成為日常中不可或缺的工具 。然而,隨著數位印刷的普及與低廉的價格,流傳已久的印刷技術與藝術是否能繼續與其他各種新型式的藝術結合,在當代藝術當中占有一席之地?來自美國舊金山州立大學的方艾莫教授將帶領台灣師範大學藝術系繪畫組的學生一同打破各種限制,一起探索這個跨領域的新境界。     方艾莫女士為舊金山州立大學藝術系教授,其透過產學合作致力於混合印刷製程技術的創新,且為該業界公認的專家。方教授目前以傅爾布萊特獎學金資深學者的身分在國立台灣師範大學美術學系擔任客座教授,講授透過文化和素材來研究後數位版畫

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Simon Levin: Finding the new possibilities of local clay

    As an artist, one of Simon Levin‘s passions is a search for cultural identity. He believes indigenous clay is a metaphor for the malleable foundation upon which we respond to the world. Simon’s Fulbright journey has lead him to dig, process, test and explore the properties of domestic clay in the U.S. and Taiwan, re-introducing materials and local potential to the Taiwanese academic studio environment. 賽烈文(Simon Levin)陶藝個展:異相凝合     陶藝家賽烈文擅長運用傳統柴燒工藝與陶土釉藥實驗創作色彩斑斕的陶藝品。賽老師希望透過創作打破外來與本地陶土的貴賤高低之別,重新發現台灣陶土的可能性。他將分享他對本地陶土、文化以及台灣創作環境的觀察。     賽烈文先生是2012-2013傅爾布萊特資深學者,目前為台南藝術大學訪問學者。

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