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Elaine Hsieh: Quality of Care for Interpreter – Mediated Medical Encounters in Taiwan Due to the differences in sociohistorical contexts, language-discordant patients in the US and in Taiwan involve diverging groups that do not necessarily face similar challenges to quality and equality of care. Dr. Elaine Hsieh is an Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Oklahoma and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Her research program centers on researching how linguistic and cultural differences can create barriers to patients’ health experiences, including their access to and process of care.  

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Jessica Dzieweczynski: From Kaoshiung to Chicago: Incorporating Taiwan into the Curriculum As the first Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program grant recipient to Taiwan, Jessica Dzieweczynski observes and collects Taiwanese everyday life experiences as firsthand material and term them into Chinese curriculum back in the States. Jessica holds a M.A. in Chinese Pedagogy and teaches high school students Mandarin at Latin School of Chicago.

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“與世界連結,做自己學習的主人” –我的傅爾布萊特豐收旅程

“If you want something in this life, reach out and grab it.” – Christopher McCandless        網路上曾經有一位中學教師霸氣的十字箴言辭職信令我印象深刻,她說:世界那麼大,我想去看看。是的,她道出許多人的心聲,但鮮少人有她的瀟灑與勇氣。受到這十個字的啟發,2014年暑假歐洲背包行回國後,我也暗自下定決心告訴自己—因為世界很大,所以我也要追夢去。然而,教書是我的興趣,沒有辭職的想法,因此只能告假尋夢。感謝台灣傅爾布萊特基金會提供我出國學習的機會,2015年8月我正式代表台灣至美國參與傅爾布萊特卓越教學獎助學金計畫,與其他16位國際教師一起進行教育訪查與文化交流學習之旅。

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“Being Our Own Agents of Learning!” Sharing Experiences from 2015-16 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program

Embarking on the 2015-16 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program journey has been the best experience of my life. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t sure what my responsibilities would be before I left for the United States. It was not until I arrived in Washington, D.C. for the orientation workshop that I realized what a huge honor it is to be accepted as a Fulbright Distinguished Awards Teacher. Participating in this workshop made me truly thankful to both the United Stated of America and Taiwan for this once-in-a-life time opportunity. At the workshop, it was refreshing and powerful to interact with all of the previous Distinguished Teachers and listen to their Fulbright experiences. Their passion for education touched my heart and motivated me. I promised myself at the orientation that I would make the most of my time to observe and learn during the four-month program at Indiana University.

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很幸運的得到Fulbright的獎助,可以在拿到博士學位十五年後,再回到當初唸書的地方—波士頓。能再回到波士頓一直是我畢業後在台灣教書時的夢想,夢想中的一部份是和小孩一起再經歷波士頓的春夏秋冬,再看看查爾斯河(Charles River),再走一次自由之路(Freedom Trail),再坐一次波士頓地鐵……。但就像我之前所認知到的,在人生中,時間就是一分一秒過的,快樂的事情會過去,痛苦的事情也會過去……。當我覺得像夢想正要實現一般,接到Fulbright通知獲得獎助,卻也同時開始準備出國的壓力。而此刻的我正處在開始要整裝回台的階段,搬家打包出清也都是壓力。但回想起這一年的經歷,凡走過的必留下痕跡,我想這些記憶將像黑夜中的天燈,漸行漸遠漸亮……。

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A Visit to a Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

Something about Myself       I studied in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Boston University for my Master’s and Doctor of Science degrees from 1996 to 2000. In my dissertation research, I examined how to manipulate experimental conditions to enhance movement of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). To recruit participants for my research, I went to several PD support groups and observed the active role of local support groups in the US. However, when I returned to Taiwan, I found that PD support groups were not common there. Our university hospital used to hold PD support group meetings, but after the hospital social workers asked the people with PD to run the support group themselves, they never met again. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity while being a Fulbright scholar in the US to go to PD support group meetings to learn more about these resources and how they influence the lives of people with PD, hoping to find ways to facilitate support groups in Taiwan.       Through my host professor’s connection, I scheduled a visit to a PD support group meeting in a rehabilitation hospital in New Hampshire in mid November 2014. The

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An Exploratory Study on Tourist Personality and Travel Preferences

Introduction       Although the classic marketing idiom says that marketing is “the battle for your mind” (Ries and Trout, 1981), research on tourist personality in relation to travel preferences is quite limited. According to Leung & Law (2010), there are 169 research articles on personality covering a broad range of topics from human personality to brand personality. However, in the human personality area, the majority of topics focus on service staff. Current research on tourist personality is insufficient.       Most reports on tourist behavior are typological. The classifications are relatively arbitrary without supportive data. For example, Cohen (1972), a frequently cited sociological paper on tourism, points that people travel to seek novelty and strangeness. Therefore, the experience of tourism is a combination of degrees of novelty and familiarity, “the security of old habits with the excitement of change.” Based on the degrees that tourists keep in their “microenvironment bubbles,” he classified tourists into four groups: the organized mass tourist, the individual mass tourist, the explorer, and the drifter.       The other famous theory on tourist behavior is by Stanley Plog (1973 & 2004). In the 1960’s when commercial flights just launched, airline companies saw

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