fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Month: May 2023

Fabulous Formosa: Reflections from the IEA Taiwan Seminar 2023

The Fulbright International Education Administrators (IEA) seminar experience has meant more to me than I ever anticipated it could mean back when I was applying for the grant. The onset of the pandemic and the prolonged delay to our seminar have made this experience feel much more special as we are reminded how critical our work as international educators is. Although the seminar’s postponement was disappointing, its postponement  happened just when it was meant to. Both for Taiwan and the U.S., given the state of geopolitical affairs, but also for me personally as I grow into the international education leader I want to become. Although I will be unpacking this experience for many years, I already see numerous takeaways across both personal and professional domains. Part I: Everything Happens for a Reason – My Takeaways  When I originally applied for the IEA grant in 2019, I was starting a new chapter of my career in international education. After completing my doctoral degree and working seven years in the innovative Study Abroad Office at Arizona State University, I had just moved to Chicago from Phoenix, Arizona. I secured my first director role at a small regional institution in northwest Indiana. My

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