Month: September 2018

Reflections: Track in Taipei

      My Fulbright experience in Taiwan has allowed me to pursue a master’s degree in International Studies and explore different facets of student life in Taipei. One of the ways I have involved myself in the campus community at National Chengchi University has been by joining the track team. Running was a critical part of my undergraduate experience in the U.S.; after seven years of track and cross-country throughout high school and college, I was not ready to give it up quite yet. Running track in Taiwan has been a very different experience than running track in the U.S. This was unexpected, since I figured that running in circles and making left turns was pretty intuitive and would be exactly the same regardless of geography. I did not anticipate how different the sport, and my experience in it, would be here, and it has surprised me many times throughout this 2017-18 school year.      Transitioning to life in Taipei has been easy for me. From the very beginning I felt quite at home in this friendly city with its many stunning views, delicious food and lovable stray dogs. Even though the past nine months have been filled

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Jennifer Huang: Weaving Identity: Atayal Textile Practices in Taiwan

Art and culture is one way to preserve, promote and respect indigenous cultures and their histories. Jennifer Huang studied indigenous Atayal weaving in Taiwan and created artworks for two exhibitions inspired by this experience. Her work aims to reflect the cultural narratives that textiles can unravel. Jennifer Chen-su Huang is an artist, writer, and object-maker based in Chicago, IL. This past year, she has been researching indigenous Atayal weaving in Taiwan. She holds a M.F.A. in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a B.A. in Art Practice with a minor in Art History from University of California, Berkeley.

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Tricia Lin: Indigenous Studies, Gender Studies, and Feminism

Inspired by the scholarly exchange and production of the indigenous knowledge in National Dong Hwa University, Tricia Lin spent her Fulbright year in the beautiful part of Taiwan, Hualien. She offered a course in postcolonial feminism and held several speeches on related issues. Not only did the given lectures caused large effects on the students and audiences, they also enriched her own teaching and writing. As a cross-cultural scholar, she saw that exchange of culture happens everywhere she went. A 17th-generation daughter of Taiwan, Yi-Chun Tricia Lin is Professor and Director of Women’s Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. She is former President of National Women’s Studies Association, 2012-2014. Her Fulbright work, titled Indigenous studies, gender studies, and feminism, is part and parcel of her book project on transnational Indigenous feminism.

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