Month: August 2016

Stacy Closson: An Experience in Diplomatic Educational Exchange Dr. Stacy Closson reflects on her teaching experience with international graduate and undergraduate students during the Middle East and Diplomacy class in National Chengchi University (NCCU) in. She also discusses her research and presentations on the energy and environmental security of Taiwan. Dr. Closson is an Assistant Professor at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, University of Kentucky. She is a Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor at the Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University in Taipei from January to June 2016.

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Andrew Terwilliger: Taipei Sounds: Fusion, Hybridity, and Authenticity in Musical Performance Andrew Terwilliger shares the musical data collected and analyzed over the course of the past academic year during which he researched the unconventional uses of “Chinese instruments” in Taiwan. Andrew began research in Taiwan on a Watson Fellowship, during which he conducted a year of independent research on music in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. At Oxford, he completed his master’s thesis on Taiwanese identity. He is currently a PhD candidate at Wesleyan University.

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Jyu Ling Chen: The role of family and maternal factors in childhood obesity

The WHO has designated childhood obesity as a global epidemic and a major public health issue. The prevalence of childhood obesity in preschool-age children has increased in Taiwan and Mainland China. This interview discusses both findings from the first part of Cross-Strait study which explores factors related to childhood obesity in preschool-age children and some of Dr. Chen’s observations about Taiwan. Dr. Chen is an Associate Professor at University of California San Francisco. Dr. Chen’s research on childhood obesity prevention addresses a preventable global health problem. Because of her contributions to nursing science, she was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 2013. Dr. Chen has collaborated with scientists and clinicians in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan working on childhood obesity research, practice, and policy projects.

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Jacob Sudol: Developing Interdisciplinary Creativity in Composition and Music Technology in Taiwan

What can new technologies teach us about music? How can music lead to new technologies? In his interview, Dr. Sudol discusses these questions based on his Fulbright experience in Taiwan inside and outside of the classroom. Dr. Jacob Sudol is a composer and computer musicians whose works have been performed throughout the USA as well as in Taiwan, Canada, Germany, England, Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, and Cambodia. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Florida International University, where he is the Music Technology area coordinator and a member of the Composition faculty.

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Anru Lee: How Postindustrial Taiwan Contributes to the Study of Gender and Global Capitalism

Dr. Anru Lee’s project focuses on the renovation of the Twenty-five Ladies’   Tomb in the 2000s, and examines the politics of the feminist movement and the politics of memory as expressed through the different meanings bestowed on the deceased women. Anru Lee is Associate Professor of Anthropology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the City University of New York. She is the author of In the Name of Harmony and Prosperity: Labor and Gender Politics in Taiwan’s Economic Restructuring (SUNY Press 2004) and co-editors of Women in the New Taiwan (ME Sharpe 2004).

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傅爾布萊特英語協同教學計畫簡介 Fulbright Taiwan ETA Program

ETA = 英語協同教學助理 (English Teaching Assistants)英語在全球化趨勢下已是不可或缺的關鍵能力之一,多年前台灣政府大力推動提升英語教學政策時,學術交流基金會透傅爾布萊特交換計畫等管道,引進優秀美國名校畢業的美籍英語教學助理擔任協同教學。自2003年起,至今已超過十年,現已拓展至全台六個縣市,顯著提升了學生對英語的愛好與開口說的意願。更多資訊:受訪及演出人員 (依出場順序)黃秀莉老師 臺中市三和國小 English Teacher Sandy Huang, Sanho Elementary School, Taichung吳國泰校長 高雄市屏山國小Principal Kuo-Tai Wu, Pingshan Elementary School, Kaohsiung范巽綠局長 高雄市教育局 Director General Sun-Lu Fan, Kaohsiung Education Bureau林俊堅校長 台中市上石國小Principal Chun-Chien Lin, Shangshih Elementary School / TaichungETA 顧晨露 宜蘭縣四結國小 ETA Talia Greenberg, Oberlin College, Ohio / Sijie Elementary School, Yilan六年級學生 高雄市屏山國小6th Grade Student, Pingshan Elementary School / KaohsiungETA 朴恩 高雄市七賢國小 ETA Grace Pyo, Wheaton College, Illinois / Cisian Elementary School, Kaohsiung陳惠珍老師 高雄市七賢國小 English Teacher Francina Chen, Cisian Elementary School, Kaohsiung黃秀莉 老師 Teacher Sandy Huang鄭玉玲 老師 Teacher Monica Cheng黃韓阿 ETA Karina Hwang 吳國泰 校長 Principal Kuo-Tai Wu安南 ETA Natalia Arenas塔英德 ETA Inder Takhar 安薇亞 ETA Victoria Engelhardt范巽綠 局長 Director General Sun-Lu Fan喻碧嫈 老師 Teacher Kitty Yu孫樂平 ETA Asia Nelson張達裕 ETA Emily Cheung鄭海綠 ETA Jordan Keenh費和明 ETA Matthew Friedland王譽潔 老師 Teacher Yu-Cheih Wang柯婷 ETA Katherine Keith林俊堅 校長 Principal Chun-Chien Lin博亞安 ETA Adrian Brandon夏嘉蔚 ETA Andrea Hale朴恩 ETA Grace Pyo顧晨露 ETA Talia Greenberg黃薏文 Student Yi-Wen Huang俞敏娜 ETA Ida Sobotik柯莎拉 ETA Sara Goldstein卡瑟琪 ETA Carlsky Belizaire馮小麗 ETA Charlotte Fleming陳丞 ETA Travis Trojan施蕊蓓 ETA Rebekah Shyloski王琳 ETA Lin Wang陳惠珍 老師 Teacher Francina Chen白炬冬 ETA Tobias Osterhaug特別感謝高雄市教育局 / 教師研習中心 / 屏山國小 / 七賢國小 / 三民國小 / 市立圖書館台中市教育局 / 教師研習中心 / 重慶國小 / 上石國小 / 太平國小 / 大同國小 / 三和國小 / 葫蘆墩國小

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