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A Preliminary Research Note on International Teaching Partnerships

Introduction The Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) Program is a collaborative effort between the United States and host countries around the world.  Bringing together young U.S. citizens with experienced English teachers in the host country, it provides enriched English language instruction to students in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools.  In Taiwan, the ETA program was introduced in 2004 when a group of ETAs were sent to Yilan County to participate in a co-teaching program with local elementary school teachers.  Since then, several counties have begun to participate in the ETA program, including Kaohsiung, Kinmen, Taichung, and Taitung, adopting the co-teaching model in selected schools. As the mission of Fulbright is to promote international understanding, cross-cultural and binational partnerships such as the Fulbright ETA program give participants and stakeholders a unique perspective on intercultural understanding on a deeper level and enhance the richness and variety of language instruction.  During the 2012–2013 academic year, 33 English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) were selected and sent to Yilan (16), Kaohsiung (11), and Kinmen (6) for an eleven-month grant to work side by side with Local English Teachers (LETs) to plan and teach English lessons at designated schools.  During the grant period, some partnerships

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Kimberly Wilson: Ambiguity and Change in China’s and Taiwan’s South China and East China Sea Claims

Kimberly Wilson illustrated her research findings on both China’s and Taiwan’s maritime and territorial claims in the South China and East China Seas. She also shared her observation of Taiwan and her host institution, National Chengchi University. Kimberly Wilson is a doctoral student studying international relations and comparative politics at the University of Maryland-College Park. She specializes in territorial conflict and East Asian politics, having lived in Asia for a total of four years.  享和競爭:中國和臺灣在南海與東海的主權爭議     金貝利是本年度傅爾布萊特獎學金的獲獎學者,研究中國和台灣在東海及南海之海域與島嶼主權歸屬的爭議。目前為馬里蘭大學帕克分校國際關係與比較政治學的博士研究生,主要研究領土衝突和東亞政治,目前已在亞洲居住了四年。

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Paul Vierthaler: Late-Imperial bibliographic studies and digital quantitative analysis

New methodologies allow us to explore stylistic relationships among late Imperial Chinese texts. These new techniques may provide insight into the anxiety-ridden traditional classification of unofficial histories as novels. Paul Vierthaler, leads us to navigate these new possibilities and also share his research experience in Taiwan. Paul Vierthaler is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University. He is currently a Fulbright Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy at the Academia Sinica. His dissertation analyzes the role unofficial historical narratives (yeshi, novels, and drama ) played the construction of historical imagination in late Imperial China.

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Kirsten Asdal: Naval Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Maritime Conflict

Kirsten shared her experiences living and studying in Taipei in 2013-2014 and discussed what she has learned about Asia-Pacific international relations and regional maritime conflict. Kirsten Asdal graduated from the US Naval Academy in May 2013 with a B.S. in Chinese. She will complete a masters in Contemporary Chinese Studies at Oxford University in 2015, then report to her first ship, the USS MICHAEL MURPHY (DDG112), to serve as a division officer.

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