fulbright Taiwan online journal

fulbright Taiwan online journal

Month: April 2019

Dominique Murdock: English Teacher Training and Research through Culturally Responsive Teaching

Dominique Murdock is currently serving her second term as a Fulbright Taiwan grantee. She originally journeyed to Taiwan in 2016 as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in Kinmen, and was later awarded a second and third grant from the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) as a TEFL Trainer and Advisor. Being an African American female in Asia, she sometimes struggled to earn credibility as an educator. Therefore, she worked hard to include more cultural diversity in the classroom and training sessions. Dominique Murdock hails from Detroit, MI. Her home institution is The University Of Southern California, where she received her MAT: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  

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