Reflections on Palace Plays in the Digital Age

        During the past academic year (2014-2015), I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy at Academia Sinica. Academia Sinica is a tremendous place to do research—it is such a vibrant intellectual community, with near-constant talks, symposia, conferences, and exhibitions. I was particularly excited to make

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Fulbright Reflections: Forging New Connections in Taiwan

In many ways, Taiwan is very familiar to me: I have traveled through most of its cities, have many Taiwanese friends, and have worked here previously as a visiting researcher. I enjoy the sights, sounds, people, places, and most aspects of life here. Of course, there are everyday challenges: finding

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Taiwan’s Themes

     There is a theme of themes in Taiwan. Shopping areas are organized by theme, and restaurants are known by their brand. You can find numerous electronics shops and a five-story building dedicated to computers, cameras, cell phones, videogames, and their respective accessories on Bade Road. For everything related

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Santa on Small Kinmen

    On December 25th, I celebrated Christmas without my family for the first time. I felt a little uncomfortable, and a little homesick. I’m teaching English on a smaller island off the small island of Kinmen in Taiwan. Never before had I been asked to work during the holidays,

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Chunjuan Nancy Wei: Cross-Strait Book Manuscript and South China Sea Claims

Dr. Chunjuan Nancy Wei is an associate professor and chair of the M.A. East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies program at the University of Bridgeport.

Her Fulbright project includes two parts:

1) completion of a manuscript tentatively entitled Rationality, Misperception and Political Contexts: Cross-Taiwan Strait Relationships as a Nested Game;

2) preliminary research on the history of Taiwan’s claims on the South China Sea.

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Laurie Battle: Mathematical Modeling in Ecology

Laurie Battle is a professor of mathematics at Montana Tech specializing in mathematical modeling. She is a Fulbright Senior Scholar at National Chung Hsin University in Taichung, where she researches endangered Formosan landlocked salmon and teaches graduate courses on different modeling techniques. In 2014-2015 Dr. Battle were using simulation modeling

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