Christopher Isett: New evidence of the great divergence

     Historian Christopher Isett aims to answer a big question about world development: “Why, given all of its advances, did China not arrive at the industrial revolution or modern economy and capitalism? Why did those originate in Europe?” In order to answer this question, Dr. Isett used the height

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Cultural Empowerment for Atayal Students

     Dr. Christine Yeh developed a cultural empowerment program in a 99% indigenous Atayal community in Yilan. In this video, she describes how she worked with the community and the teachers of the school to create a curriculum. In her educational program, which she describes as a “sustainable intervention”,

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Mary Stokrocki: Cultural exchange through digital arts

     Dr. Mary Stokrocki led her art students at Chaiyi University to explore the digital art world in Second Life. The students learned about artists and their works by curating virtual exhibitions. Her students showcased aspects of living in Taiwan, such as local flora and foods, through this digital

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