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Chiung-yao Ho: Does cross-cultural co-teaching work?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCk33Nlh_1w     To learn English well is not only critical to increase students’ capacity to compete, but also to open doors for them. The Fulbright Taiwan is dedicated to the English co-teaching model and to improve the English literacy in Taiwan more than eleven years. On this journey, every English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) devoted their effort and energy to broaden the impact of the ETA program, so as the TEFL Professors, who provide professional training and counseling. As the TEFL professor of the year, Dr. Chiung-yao Ho has hold 25 workshops in Yilan, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Kinmen for 33 ETAs and more than 70 local English teachers. After one year of observation and research, Dr. Ho answers the question “Does cross-cultural co-teaching work?” with tremendous confidence.   英語教師訓練之我見:傅爾布萊特系列講座     把英文學好,不止能提升學生的競爭力,也是替生命開一扇窗。台灣傅爾布萊特在英語協同教學領域耕耘了十一個年頭。過程中,除了每位英語協同教師的活力與努力之外,英語教學顧問與其帶領的培訓課程也功不可沒。何瓊瑤教授在台灣十個月的時間主持了25場工作坊,協助分布於宜蘭、台中、高雄、金門等33位美籍英語協同教師與70多位台灣籍本地教師提升他們的英語教學。在何教授駐台的一年之中,她反覆自問如何讓跨文化協同教學方法更有效,經過一年多的資料蒐集與分析後,她最後得到了令人滿意的答案。     何瓊瑤博士任教於美國德州休士頓孤星學院希費校區,專長於英語為第二語言的教學。她同時為Cambridge CELTA (劍橋成人英語語言教學) 培訓認證講師。何教授在英語為第二語言的教學這個領域已有超過15年的教學經驗,並於TESOL及NAFSA等國際年會發表。

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