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Jason Protass: New Perspectives on Old Buddhist Poetry

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEwZJFJmRrQ    Jason Protass shares his research on Daoqian (道潛), a Buddhist monk lived in Song Dynasty, who is a close friend of Shu-shi (蘇軾). There was a large amount of Daoqian’s poetry survived and gave Jason an opportunity to look at the poetry used in social situation, in different kinds of poetry games, and other things monks would participate in that period of time. Jason also shares his observation of the research environment and resources in Academia Sinica in Taiwan with the support of Fulbright Scholarship.     Jason Protass is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University’s Department of Religious Studies and affiliated with the Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford. Previously a visiting researcher at Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan. Jason has been working on his dissertation this year at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy. 古老佛教禪師的新觀點:傅爾布萊特系列講座     這場講座將介紹研究佛教和詩詞的基本問題和研究方法。蒲傑聖將從今年在台灣所進行的研究中舉例說明,並提出未來研究方向的計劃。     蒲傑聖為史丹佛大學宗教學研究所的博士候選人,並與史丹佛大學何鴻毅家族基金佛學研究中心合作進行研究。早前他曾前往日本京都的龍谷大學擔任訪問學人。本年度他獲得傅爾布萊特獎學金,於中央研究院中國文哲研究所致力於他的論文研究。

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Philip Brown: Dam(ned) Imperialism: The Case of the Wusantou Dam

    Dr. Philip Brown examines an unusual Japanese colonial enterprise that has been remembered not as the epitome of imperialistic evil, but in highly laudatory terms, especially since democratization in Taiwan. He was exploring the development of the Jianan water control project constructed between 1920 and 1930 under Japanese colonial rule and the ways it has been remembered in Taiwan over the years since its completion.     Dr. Philip Brown is Professor of Japanese and East Asian History at The Ohio State University. He is a 2013-2014 Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Institute of Taiwan History at the Academia Sinica. “壩”氣帝國主義? 嘉南大圳水利工程的建設與回憶     日本殖民統治台灣時期所建設的水利工程不但受到實行民主制度後的台灣高度讚賞,而且不被認為是邪惡帝國主義下的建設。菲力浦教授於此影片討論於1920年到1930年間,台灣在日本政府殖民統治下,所建造完成的嘉南大圳水利工程,與其特殊的歷史意義。     菲力浦博士為俄亥俄州立大學日本與東亞歷史系之教授。他是2013-2014傅爾布萊特獎學金的獲獎學者,於中央研究院台灣史研究所進行相關研究。

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Teagan Adamson: Build knowledge to save lives

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNTA739TDk0 Teagan Adamson received her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 2013 from Arizona State University with a focus in biosensors and nanotechnology for disease applications. As a dual Fulbright-Whitaker Fellow at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Biomedical Sciences, she is working to engineer new molecules capable of improving current breast cancer treatment. 艾婷安在2013年於亞利桑那州立大學獲得生物醫學工程的碩士學位,她主要研究生物傳­感器和奈米技術在疾病上的應用。她不但獲得本年度的傅爾布萊特獎學金,同時也是惠特克­生物醫學工程獎學金的獲獎學者,其目前在中央研究院生物醫學研究所,致力於研究改善目­前乳癌治療的新分子。

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