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Kurt Stallmann: Discovering the stories through “Sounds of Taipei”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jaMbe5I_6k     Sounds in the city are everywhere but can be easily ignored. However, they are very dynamic and precious for sound artists. The sounds of scooters, the voices selling in the night markets, the bell in the temples, every sound has profound meanings which shape a city’s identity.     Dr. Kurt Stallmann, an artist/professor from Rice University, sponsored by Fulbright scholarship, devotes himself to breaking the boundary between sounds and music. Dr. Stallmann collects and analyzes the unique identity of Taipei’s sounds and collaborates with the Taiwan Music Institute and several Taiwanese musicians to tell stories about the “Sounds of Taipei.” 台北的聲音:傅爾布萊特系列講座     城市中無處不在而卻常被忽略的聲音,聲音藝術家卻總能聽出不同的端倪。機車聲,夜市叫­賣聲,寺廟的鐘聲,每一種環境聲都有其背後的意涵,而每一座城市都有其獨特的聲音個性­。來自萊斯大學的史特丞教授暨藝術家透過傅爾布萊特獎學金的贊助,致力于打破聲音與音­樂之間的界限。他與台灣傳統藝術中心音樂館及多位台灣音樂家合作,透過蒐集與分析臺北­獨特的聲音個性,記錄了一個又一個的臺北聲音故事。     史特承博士同時身兼作曲家、表演者、即興演奏家等角色並時常跨領域與不同的藝術家合作。他不只擅長於樂器演奏同時也使用科技音樂與環境聲音進行創作。史特承博士現任美國萊斯大學薛弗音樂學院電子音樂中心主任及副教授。

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