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A Dynamic Dialogue

    What is the best way to connect with the local people and kids? Six Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) Leah Apple, Elizabeth Matthews, Catherine Purdy, Christina Adelakun, Karissa Moy, and Nia Spooner found DANCING is the answer. Through this novel project “Kinmen Flash Mob,”they built a strong bond with their students and co-teachers on this small island, Kinmen, next to China.     快閃舞這個新奇的概念對金門的學生而言,就如同和美國英語協同教師面對面說英文一樣,­既愛又怕受傷害。金門縣的外師利用課餘的時間透過舞蹈和當地學生、老師、社區舞成一片­。在這六位傅爾布萊特英語協同教師的努力下,學習英語就跟扭動身體一樣好玩有趣了! A video by Jonah Stern (http://www.spexoflight.com)

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