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Christine Yeh: Cultural Empowerment for Atayal Students

    Dr. Christine Yeh entered a 99 percent Indigenous community in Yilan, Taiwan to develop cultural Empowerment program. She focused on the community-school base in her curriculum development and assessment and she identified a niche emphasizing ethnic identity and educational opportunity. Dr. Yeh worked closely with Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA), Mikael Owunna, and a local English teacher, Jennifer Huang, to establish this curriculum about cultural empowerment. The exciting results and student work will be displayed in a 2014 exhibition in the National Taiwan Museum. 台灣泰雅學童的文化賦權     葉晶博士深入宜蘭縣南澳鄉協助泰雅族部落開發文化賦權課程。她的研究主要圍繞著以社區和學校為基礎的課程建構與評鑑,尤其著重在族群認同及教育機會等。她與宜蘭英語協同教師Mikael Owunna及本地英語教師黃嘉雯共同開發了一系列的文化賦權課程,並預計於2014年於國立臺灣博物館展出相關成果。

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