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學友連結計畫: 專訪邱正雄董事長 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund – Distinguished Alumnus: Paul Chiu

    Among the outstanding Fulbright Alumni, Paul Chiu, the fifth and sixth Alumni Board Chair of the Taiwan Fulbright Alumni Association, is well-known. He served as the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of China, the Minister of Finance, Vice Premier of Executive Yuan, Associate Professor and later, Adjunct Professor of National Taiwan University of Economics and Honorary Chairman of Entie Commercial Bank. Now he is the Chairman of Bank SinoPac. He was publicly honored as “the world’s best Finance Minister in 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis” by former President, Lee Teng-hui.      There are three parts of this video. First is an introduction of Fulbright Taiwan Program and the Taiwan Fulbright Alumni Association. Second is an introduction of Paul Chiu’s life story and his success. Third is an interview featuring Paul Chiu.      在學友會眾多佼佼者中,曾經連任第五、第六屆傅爾布萊特學友會理事長的邱正雄先生,是­傅爾布萊特的知名學友, 歷任中華民國中央銀行副總裁、財政部長、行政院副院長、國立台灣大學經濟學系副教授及­兼任教授、安泰商業銀行榮譽董事長,現為永豐銀行董事長,他曾被李登輝先生公開譽為「­全世界最好的財政部長」。此影片分為三部分,首先是傅爾布萊特計畫及台灣傅爾布萊特學­友會 歷史回顧,第二部分是邱正雄學友生平介紹,第三部分是邱正雄學友專訪。

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