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What Makes an Ivy League University Ivy-Leaguely Prestigious: My Experiences and Reflections at Cornell University

Preface This paper is not a formal academic one. It is a paper which is based upon my first-hand experiences and reflections which I have gained since I arrived at Cornell University on September 2, 2014. By “first-hand,” I mean “authentic and genuine:” I attribute these experiences to the people, the buildings, the facilities, and the natural and cultural environments while feeling and observing them on campus in both tangible and intangible perspectives. This is my very first time ever visiting Cornell University, one of the eight Ivy League Universities in the northeastern part of the US, founded by Mr. Ezra Cornell and Mr. Andrew Dickson White in 1865. I feel truly fortunate and honored to have been invited by Dr. David B. Lipsky, The Anne Evans Estabrook Professor of Dispute Resolution and Director of the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution (SICR), ILR School, who serves as my Faculty Sponsor as well as my advisor, to conduct my research on the project of “A Study of the Pentad-Gestalt Rhetoric as an Intercultural Strategy for Conflict Resolution” on the eve of Cornell’s sesquicentennial. This paper is thus focused on what I have observed since my arrival in September until December 18,

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