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Linda Alper: A midsummer night’s dream comes true

     Theatre actor and director Linda Alper taught English major students at Soochow University, culminating in a performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Under her guidance, the students, many of whom had no previous acting experience, created the production from the ground up. In this video Linda relates a breakthrough moment when she inspired her set designer to work creatively within their limited budget, which ultimately created an even dreamier atmosphere on stage. Linda also shares a few other experience and observations on Taiwan’s culture.     身為一個劇場導演和演員,梁妍教授帶領東吳大學英語系的學生從無到有完成了莎翁名劇 “仲夏夜之夢”。梁教授在此過程中激發了負責舞台設計學生的潛力,用有限的經費完成了一個如夢似幻的劇場設計。     梁教授也分享了她的傅爾布萊特經驗和對台灣文化的觀察。

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